Racing pigeons has been a passion of ours ever since we were very young. In 2013 we decided to join forces and start breeding pigeons together. Before that, we both already invested heavily in long distance pigeons. Naturally we get the most enjoyment by seeing our own birds arrive home early!

Peter had purchased youngsters from all of the top pigeons of Nico Volkens. Michel had, through a joint venture, already purchased the entire colony of Toon van Beek, who is a top fancier with a small accommodation and winner of the Fondspiegel competition.

The race results were therefore inevitable. Peter quickly performed really well on the ZLU. Michel, first in combination with Jan Castricum, had national top results, especially in the afternoon release. After Jan retired, we started racing together in 2013.

Back then and still till today, many top pigeons are welcomed to our rich breeding loft. The first flagship and grandfather of the loft was ‘De TOON’, a super racer and ditto stock bird, followed by the absolute flagship, Milos.


Peter is a very skilled breeder of pigeons. Michel, with the help of his wife Sylvia, puts his energy mainly into the racing team. Top results have been recorded for years. The nest pigeons are raced by the natural system, the medical supervision is kept to a minimum.

Our specialty lies in long distance international races. These include Barcelona, Agen, Pau, Marseille, Perpignan, and St. Vincent, among others.




Contest Prize
West Europese Super Marathon 2nd
Keizergeneraal Fondunie 2000 1st
Keizergeneraal Samenspel Noord en Zuid-Holland 2nd
Nationaal Barcelona 10th


Contest Prize
Keizerkampioen Noord- en Zuid-Holland 1st